"He’s been a little annoying. It’s obviously well-deserved the way they played, but you never want to lose to Russia. Especially when you’ve got this loudmouth beside me."

Jordan Staal, on Evgeni Malkin after Russia beat Canada in WJC

Pens vs Canes

I don’t really know what to say about this game. I hope that Staal (Jordan, not Eric) is okay. Blood is never a good sign, and cuts to the head can be extremely dangerous.¬†And I’m really glad about that the Pens won and the game didn’t go into OT. But what was with the end? I mean, Cooke trips Staal (Eric this time) when there are already two Pens in the box. THIS IS NOT A GOOD MOVE! I don’t really know what was going through their heads… But one thing for sure is that Brent Johnson was AWESOME tonight!